by Nitto Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd. The manufacturer of Optical Grade Cell-Cast Acrylic sheets.

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Overseas Distributors

We introduce our overseas distributors.

Hong Kong, China

Rainbow Commercial International Ltd.

Address Room 2503-6, Hong Kong Plaza, 186-191 Connaught Road, West, Hong Kong
Phone +852-2547-0427
Fax +852-2559-0767
Web site
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Rainbow Commercial Ltd.

Address Room 1720, No.578, TianBao Road, PiaoYing Century Plaza, Shanghai, 200086, China
Phone +86-21-5515-0399
Fax +86-21-5515-0369
Seoul, Korea

CN TECH Co., Ltd.

Address Room 403, Miru B/D, 55-3 Nonhyun-dong, Seoul R, Korea
Phone +82-31-922-3639
Fax +82-31-919-9143
Web site
Taipei, Taiwan

IO Horns Co., Ltd.

Address 11F -6, No.159, Sec. 1 Sintai 5th Rd., Sijhih City, Taipei County, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
Phone +886-2-2649-5388
Fax +886-2-2648-3899
New York, USA

Astra Products,Inc.

Address P.O. Box 479, Baldwin, NY 11510 USA
Phone +1-631-464-4747
Fax +1-631-464-4442
Web site
Wendover, UK

Weatherall Equipment & Instruments Ltd.

Address Unit 1, Station Approach, Wendover, Bucks, HP22 6BN, UK
Phone +44-1296-622180
Fax +44-1296-624955
Web site


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