These are the basic CLAREX product categories. Please refer to each product category for the detail, and feel free to ask for customization or new development.

NIR (Infra-red) Filter

CLAREX NIR Filter transmits infra-red rays and absorbs visible rays. There are 5 types of infra-red filters which transmit through the ranges of 670nm to 860nm.


Transmit Infra-red ray.
Excellent Optical Characteristics and weather resistance.
No malfunction the optical sensor due to birefringence (double refraction).
May be combined with Hard Coat and/or other Optical Coatings.
May be combined with Flat (glossy) surface and/or Non-Glare surface sheet.


Remote Controller / Security IR detection sensor / Eye tracking sensor / etc.



Basic Line-Ups

NIR-70N(Transmit 670nm or over)
NIR-75N(Transmit 730nm or over)
NIR-80N(Transmit 760nm or over)
NIR-85N(Transmit 810nm or over)
NIR-90N(Transmit 860nm or over)
For other optical characteristics, please ask for customization.

Optical Data

NIR (Infra-red) Filter

NIR (Infra-red) Filter

Optical Data Download

NIR (Infra-red) Filter (PDF format)

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