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Product Information

CLAREX Products

Below lists are the basic CLAREX product categories. Please refer to each product category for the detail, and feel free to ask for customization or new development.

NIR (Infra-red) Filter

CLAREX NIR Filter transmits infra-red rays and absorbs visible rays. There are 5 types of infra-red filters which transmit through the ranges of 670nm to 860nm.

Product usage:Laser Radar

  • Transmit Infra-red ray.
  • Excellent Optical Characteristics and weather resistance.
  • No malfunction the optical sensor due to birefringence or double refraction.
  • Many types of coatings are available to combine. (Hard Coat, AR Coat, etc.)
  • Surface texture can be changed. (Flat/Glossy surface to Non-Glare surface texture)

Remote Controller / Security IR detection sensor / Eye tracking sensor / etc.



Basic Line-Ups
  • NIR-70N(Transmit 670nm or over)
  • NIR-75N(Transmit 730nm or over)
  • NIR-80N(Transmit 760nm or over)
  • NIR-85N(Transmit 810nm or over)
  • NIR-90N(Transmit 860nm or over)

For other optical characteristics, please ask for customization.

Optical Data
  • NIR (Infra-red) Filter
CLAREX NIR (Infra-red) Filter Optical Data
Optical Data Download

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