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Product Information

CLAREX Products

Below lists are the basic CLAREX product categories. Please refer to each product category for the detail, and feel free to ask for customization or new development.

Non-Glare Sheet

CLAREX Non-Glare Sheet diffuses surface reflection and increase the legibility of the display.

Product usage:Cluster Parts

  • Variety of Non-Glare surface texture.
  • Non-Glare texture is molded directly on sheet surface. (It is NOT non-glare coating)
  • Able to choose non-glare texture on one-side or both-side.
  • Enhance display contrast.
  • Many types of coatings are available. (Hard coat, AR coat, etc.)

Display front panel for LCD, PDP, OLED, VFD, CRT, LASER, LED, etc.



Basic Line-Ups & Optical Data
Non-Glare Texture Total Light Transmittance Haze Gloss Value
EX30 001 91% 7.0% 45
No.1 001 92% 2.0% 55
No.2 001 90% 6.0% 35
No.9 001 92% 1.0% 78
EX20 001 92% 4.0% 57
EX70 001 92% 3.0% 72
M-55 001 90% 17.0% 25

※ The data above are measurement value, and are not for guarantee.
※ There are different maximum sheet size for each non-glare texture. Please ask your sales representatives.


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