These are the basic CLAREX product categories. Please refer to each product category for the detail, and feel free to ask for customization or new development.

UV Cut Filter

CLAREX UV Cut Filter protects displays from ultra-violet rays. CLAREX UV Cut Filter is available with smooth or Non-Glare surfaces. Both surfaces are available with Scratch Resistant Coating.


Absorb UV ray in range from 370nm 〜 480nm.
High transparency. (92% Total Light Transmission)
Excellent Optical Characteristics and weather resistance.
May be combined with Hard Coat and/or other Optical Coatings.
May be combined with Flat (glossy) surface and/or Non-Glare surface sheet.
Variety of color and light-transmission is available for customization.


Optical Lens / Monitor Display Protection Window / etc.



Basic Line-Ups

N-169 (Absorb 380nm or below)
N-190 (Absorb 390nm or below)
N-113 (Absorb 400nm or below)
N-039 (Absorb 470nm or below)
For other optical characteristics, please ask for customization.

Optical Data

UV Cut Filter

UV Cut Filter

Optical Data Download

UV Cut Filter (PDF format)

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