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Technology Information

CLAREX Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet

There are mainly 2 methods of producing PMMA sheet which is Cell-Casting and Extrusion method. And CLAREX / Nitto Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd. adopts Cell-Casting method.

Here explains what is Cell-Casting method and its features, and advantages comparing to Extrusion method.

Features of Optical Grade Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet
Production Method of PMMA Sheet (Cell-Casting)
Production Method of PMMA Sheet (Cell-Casting)
Cell-Casting Method Cast "Liquid MMA" directly into Cell-Mold. (Batch Process)
⇒ Suitable for High-Mix/Low-Volume Production.
Extrusion Method Put "PMMA Pellet" into the extruder and make it flat sheet. (Continuous Process)
⇒ Suitable for Low-Mix/High-Volume Production.

Cell-Casting Method

Extrusion Method

  1. No. Double Refraction (No birefringence)
    - Suitable for optical sensor cover filter -
  2. High-Mix/Low-Volume
    - Color match and other customization -
  3. Higher Molecular Weight
    - better chemical resistance -
  1. Shorter production lead-time and lower production cost because of continuous process.
  2. Easier to control thickness tolerance.
  3. Easy to make large size sheet.
  1. Longer production lead-time and higher production cost because of batch process.
  2. More difficult to control thickness tolerance.
  1. Double Refraction (birefringence) in general.
  2. Not flexible in terms of customization
    - Low-Mix/High-Volume -
  4. Lower Molecular Weight.


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