by Nitto Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd. The manufacturer of Optical Grade Cell-Cast Acrylic sheets.

Technology Information

CLAREX Technology Platform

We customize or develop many customer requested products by combining our original Technology Platform described below.

CLAREX Technology Platform

Design Technique

  • Optical Design … (Ref: CLAREX Contrast Enhancement Technology)
    ・Spectrum Control … UV / NIR / Laser Scanner Filter etc.
    ・Light Distribution … HSOT LightGuide / Projection Screen etc.
  • Polymer Design
    ・Heat Resistant PMMA / Low moisture absorption PMMA etc.

Tickness Control (0.2mm~130mm)

  • CLAREX Precision Sheet … 0.2~5.0mm
  • CLAREX General Sheet … 2.0mm~130mm

Highly Smooth & Flat Surface

  • Glass-like Ultra-Smooth Surface.

Many Non-Glare & Matt surface textures to choose from

  • One-Side Non-Glare (Matt)
  • Both-Sides Non-Glare (Matt)
  • You can choose different Non-Glare texture on one sheet.

Variety of single & multi-layer optical coating

  • Hard Coating / Scratch Resistant Coating (6H or over)
  • Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating / Mirror Coating
  • ITO Coating / EMI Shield
  • Anti-Bacteria (AB) Coating
  • Anti-Fingerprint Coating / Anti-Smudge Coating
  • IR-Cut Coating

From Material Production to Machine Processing

  • Cutting & NC routing (90°/ V ditch / mirror surface / etc.)
  • Printing (Silk Screen / etc.)
  • Mold Processing (Heat Bending / Blow / Press / etc.)
  • Lamination (UV / Heat / etc.)

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