PMMA Pellet
for Injection Extrusion

What we do

Optical customization of PMMA pellet for your application

We customize pellets for extrusion sheet and injection molding that apply our unique scattering technology.

More than 20 years of experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in pelletizing from cell-cast sheet. We can achieve with pellets an equivalent optical characteristics as cell-cast prototypes.

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Produce prototype material by cell-cast sheet. This way can achieve cost saving compares to making customized pellet from development stage.

Trim and shape the cell-cast sheet and check its optical performance. Repeat【step1】and【step2】until reaching the optimal formulation. This way also save cost compared to make injection mold at early stage of development.

After【step1】and【step2】process, we fix the formulation according to the test result, and move on for preparation of pelletization.

Adjust the formulation in necessary, and pelletization.
【MOQ】 25kg (for both trial and mass-production)

【Light Guide】

LCD light guide / Lighting for home appliance / meter and switch parts in automobiles, etc.


【Rear Projection Screen】

Educational Tools / Smart AI Speaker / Social Robot / Casino Machines, etc.

Properties Test Method(ISO) Unit Pellet for Rear Projection Screen Pellet For Light-Guide

Tensile rupture stress

527-2 MPa 70 73

Tensile rupture strain

527-2 % 4 5

Flexural modulus

178 MPa 3300 3300

Bending fracture stress

178 MPa 110 118

Charpy notched impact strength

179 KJ/㎡ 1.3 1.4

VST(Vicat Softening Temp)

306 98 109

MFR(Melt Flow Rate)

1133 g/10min 8 5.6

Water absorption rate

62(process1) % 0.3 0.3

※ The above data are the measurement value, there are not for guarantee.


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