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Blue Ocean Screen Products

CLAREX Blue Ocean® Screen is manufactured by a new method which combines proprietary acrylic sheeting techniques and light distribution controlling techniques developed specifically for High Functional Projection Screens.

CLAREX Blue Ocean® Technology provides true-color reproduction, high resolution and image depth which gives audience a high level of visual experience. Please ask for customization both optical and mechanical according to your application.

Rear Projection Screen

CLAREX BOS-C0451 provides images with good natural coloration because it reproduces the true color and almost no scintillation on the screen. Also, the wide viewing angle and excellent uniformity enables to use in many situation.

MIHARAYASUHIRO -Installations- Ophelia has a drean at Louvre Paris

CLAREX Blue Ocean Screen was exhibited at Carrousel du Louvre in collaboration with MIHARAYASUHIRO for Paris Fashion Week held at October 2011.


※ Optical customization and/or 2D and 3D forming customization is available. Please ask your sales representatives.

Viewing Angles

BOS Viewing Angles
Lineup Transmission(%) Peak Gain 1/2 Angle
B-1003 50.0 1.7 25
BOS-C1906 47.0 1.2 30
BOS-C0451 45.0 0.85 42


Max:200 inch size.

※ Screen frame is available as an option. Please ask your sales representatives.



100" or below - 2.0mm / Over 100" - 3.0mm


80" or below - 2.0mm / Over 80" - 3.0mm


Theater, Simulator

Examples of Products

200 inch size

BOS for Injection Molding

This is the screen utilizing the workability of acrylic material. By forming in three-dimensional, it creates eye-catching impact in amusement or advertising market. Pelletizing BOS material for injection molding is also available so that more complex shapes are possible to make.

Examples of Products

Dome Type
Face Type

Please ask us about customization for optical performance and/or molding.

Any Inquiries and requests : Please send us a Message.

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