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Nitto Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd. comply with the rules and regulations regarding personal information and protect any personal information provided by website visitors ("Visitor"). We establish our privacy policy described below and manage our website accordance with the privacy policy. We may change the contents of our privacy policy when needed. Please check the latest version when you visit our website.

1Personal Information
The "personal information" on our website is any information provided by Visitor through our website such as name, contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.), and any information we can identify the individual from access records.
2Management of Personal Information
The "personal information" provided by Visitor will be properly managed in accordance with our management policy in order to avoid destruction, loss, alteration, or leaks of the provided personal information.
3Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
In our website, Visitor may be asked to provide personal information in order to respond an inquiry. This personal information is collected for responding Visitor's inquiry properly and for our marketing purpose. We will not use any Personal Information other than the purpose originally intended without the prior consent of Visitor.
4Non-Disclosure to Third Parties
We do not disclose and/or inform any Personal Information provided by Visitor to any third party, except:
  1. When we have the prior consent of the customer.
  2. When we consider it is necessary to provide Personal Information to our Agents and/or subcontractors in order to provide proper answer, response, or suggestion to Visitor's inquiry.
  3. When we process or convert Personal Information to the state that is not possible to identify an individual customers such as statistical data.
  4. When we received a formal request for disclosure from courts, police, and/or any organizations authorized by law.
5Disclosure, Correction, Elimination of Personal Information
We will correct or suspend the use of Personal Information at your request, after personal identification, in accordance with applicable internal procedures.
6Inquiries about personal information
Please contact us from the Contact Form for requests regarding disclosure of personal information held by the Company, complaints concerning the handling of personal information, and other personal information.

Any Inquiries and requests : Please send us a Message.

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