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1947 Eiji Higuchi started PMMA sheeting and recycling business at Shinagawa, Tokyo, and founded "Higuchi Kogyo Co."
1954 Nitto Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established.
1960 The new manufacturing factory was build at Yokohama.
CLAREX』has registered as a trademark for Optical grade Precision Cell-Cast Sheet, and start producing 0.2 ~ 2.0mm thickness range of CLAREX sheet.
1970 『CLAREX Non-Glare Sheet』was introduced to the market.
1972 Multi-layered Cast PMMA Sheet『PAIRREX』was developed for lamp shade.
Transmission Fresnel Lens sheet was introduced to the market.
1979 CLAREX Diffusion Reflector『DR-I-A』series was developed for digital LCD wrist watch.
1980 CLAREX Transflector『DR-Ⅱ-A』series was developed for small LCD monitor devices.
1981 Cast PMMA Mirror Sheet『CLARMIRROR』series was introduced to the market.
1983 Infrared transmission filter『NIR series』was developed as an optical filter for NIR sensor used in auto-focus camera.
1984 Mirror Fresnel sheet was customized for over-head projector.
Hard Coat (Scratch Resistant Coat) PMMA sheet was introduced to the market.
1985 UV Cut Filter『UV series』was developed and introduced.
UV Transmission Filter『S-0 series』was developed and introduced.
1986 Optically Uniform Diffusion Sheet『DR-ⅢC series』was developed for LCD backlight.
1988 Anti-Reflection Coating PMMA sheet『CLAREX MH series』was developed and introduced.
ITO Coating PMMA sheet『CLAREX EC series』was developed and introduced.
1989 Light guide panel for edge-light LCD was developed and used in word processor display.
Fine texture non-glare sheet『EX30』was developed for TFT LCD monitor.
1992 『FANTAREX』was registered as a trademark of Cell-Cast PMMA sheet for ornamental design for offices, restaurants, shops, etc.
1993 Anti-smudge coating grade was added to『CLAREX MH series』(AR coat series).
1994 ITO Coating grade was added to『CLAREX MH series』(AR cat series).
1995 Anti-Bacteria Coating PMMA sheet『CLAREX AB series』was developed for touch panel display.
1997 HSOT (Highly Scattered Optical Transmission) Light Guide Panel was introduced.
2002 High resolution Front & Rear Projection Screen『CLAREX Blue Ocean Screen』was developed and trademark registered as『Blue Ocean』.
2006 New factory opened in Yamanashi Prefecture.
0.3mm ultra-thin Cell-Cast PMMA sheet was introduced.
2008 Half-Mirror Coating PMMA sheet『CLAREX CH series』was developed and introduced.
2009 Low Moisture Absorption PMMA sheet『CLAREX LA series』was developed and introduced.
2010 0.2mm ultra-thin Cell-Cast PMMA sheet was introduced.

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