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CLAREX Products Line-Up

Below lists are the basic CLAREX product categories. Please refer to each product category for the detail, and feel free to ask for customization or new development.

Super Hard Coat Sheet (RHG)

CLAREX Super Hard Coat (RHG) sheet is the Sell-Cast PMMA sheet with 9H pencil hardness on front and/or back surface.



Optical Filters / Sensor Filters / Display Protection Window / etc.



General Properties


Test Method


Hard Coat

Hard Coat



RH20 001

RHG20 001

■ Mechanical

Pencil Hardness K5600 - H over 6 over 9
Coating Adhesion **1 - 100/100
Abrasion Resistant **2 - No scratch

■ Optical

Total Light Transmittance K7361-1 D-1003 % 92
Haze K7136 D-1003 % 0.1 0.2

■ Thermal

Heat Distortion Temperature K7191-2(A) D-648 110
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion K7197 D-696 cm/cm℃ 7×10-5

■ Miscellaneous

Water Absorption (24hr) K7209 D-570 % 0.3

※ These are our experimental measured values in Flat 001 transparent sheet. Specifications are subject to change at any time. (if not otherwise specified, values measured in 3.0mm thick)
※ Spectral Transmission measured with NDH4000 Nippon Denshoku Industries Co., Ltd.
**1:Cross-cut Test (10x10 grid)
**2:Steel Wool Scratch Test (#0000 steal wool / 1.0kg x 10 round)

Optical Data

RHG Hard Coat Sheet - RHG20 Flat 001
RHG Hard Coat Sheet - RHG20 Flat 001

※ These are our experimental measured values in 1.0mm thick.
※ Value provided cannot be guaranteed in your application due to circumstances beyond our control.

Optical Data Download

CLAREX RHG Hard Coat Sheet - RHG20 Flat 001

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