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CLAREX Products Line-Up

Below lists are the basic CLAREX product categories. Please refer to each product category for the detail, and feel free to ask for customization or new development.

Smoke Series

CLAREX Smoke Series is the Cell-Cast PMMA sheet for contrast enhancement of many types of displays.
There are "Gray Smoke" series and "Black Smoke" series.



Automotive Cluster Windows, Hi-End Audio Display, Guide Table Window, many other display windows.

Basic Line-Ups

You can browse and download spectral data in pdf file. Pdf file is opened in new window.

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Color Item Download
Basic Line-Ups Total Light Transmittance(%) Size(mm)
Gray Smoke N-157 48 400×550

N-127 20
N-217 29
N-159 38
N-119 62
N-168 76
N-590 37
Black Smoke PB-10 6
PB-20 18
PB-30 27
PB-40 38
PB-50 48
PB-60 58
PB-70 70
PB-80 79
Brown Smoke N-150 30
Wine Smoke N-660 23

The above data are our experimental measured values. Value provided cannot be guaranteed in your application due to circumstances beyond our control.
(Spectral Transmission measured with NDH4000 Nippon Denshoku Industries Co., Ltd.)

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